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March 24, 2010


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#-D :bulletblack: E-I :bulletblack: J-N :bulletblack: O-S :bulletblack: T-Z


:bulletblue: 101 Dalmatians AF - 1961
:bulletred: 101 Dalmatians LF - 1996
:bulletgreen: 101 Dalmatians The SeriesAT - 1997
:bulletpurple: 102 Dalmatians LF - 2000
:bulletyellow: 101 Dalmatians: Patch's London AdventureAF - 2003

:pointr: Alonzo :bulletred::bulletpurple:Tim McInnerny
:pointr: Cruella de Vil :bulletblue:Betty Lou Gerrson :bulletred::bulletpurple:Glenn Close :bulletgreen:  April Winchell :bulletyellow:Susan Blakeslee
:pointr: Horace Badun :bulletblue:Frederick Worlock :bulletred:Mark Williams :bulletgreen:David L. Lander :bulletyellow:Maurice LaMarche
:pointr: Jasper Badun :bulletblue:J. Pat O'Malley :bulletred:Hugh Laurie :bulletgreen:Michael McKean :bulletyellow:Jeff Bennett
:pointr: Jean-Pierre Le Pelt :bulletpurple:Gérard Depardieu
:pointr: Lightning :bulletyellow:Jason Alexander
:pointr: Skinner :bulletred:John Shrapnel


:bulletblue:The Adventures of the Gummi Bears - 1985

:pointr: Duke Igthorn
:pointr: Lady Bane

:bulletblue:AladdinAF - 1992
:bulletred: Aladdin: The SeriesAT - 1994
:bulletgreen: The Return of JafarAF - 1994
:bulletpurple: Aladdin and the King of ThievesAF - 1995
:bulletyellow: Aladdin in Nasira's RevengeG - 2000

:pointr: Abis Mal :bulletred::bulletgreen:Jason Alexander
:pointr: Ajed Al Gebraic :bulletred:Jonathan Harris
:pointr: The Al Muddy :bulletred:
:pointr: Shadow Aladdin :bulletred:
:pointr: Anubis :bulletyellow:
:pointr: Arachnid :buletyellow:
:pointr: Armond :bulletred:
:pointr: Ayam Aghoul :bulletred:Hamilton Camp
:pointr: Prince Achmed :bulletblue:Corey Burton
:pointr: Caliph Kapok :bulletred:Tim Curry
:pointr: Dominus Tusk :bulletred:Jim Cummings
:pointr: Gazeem :bulletred:
:pointr: Harud Hazi Bin :bulletred:James Avery
:pointr: Iago :bulletblue:Gilbert Gottfried:
:pointr: Jafar :bulletblue::bulletgreen:Jonathan Freeman
:pointr: Khartoum :bulletred:Tony Jay
:pointr: Magma :bulletred:Tone Loc
:pointr: Malcho :bulletred:Hector Elizondo
:pointr: Mechanicles :bulletred:Charlie Adler
:pointr: Mirage :bulletred:Bebe Neuwirth
:pointr: Mozenrath :bulletred:Jonathan Brandis
:pointr: Mukhtar :bulletred:John Kassir
:pointr: Nasira :bulletyellow:
:pointr: Nefir Hasenuf :bulletred:Rene Auberjonois
:pointr: Razoul :bulletblue:Jim Cummings:bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:
:pointr: Saleen :bulletred:Julie Brown
:pointr: Saluk :bulletpurple:Jerry Orbach
:pointr: Sadira :bulletred:Kellie Martin
:pointr: Sootinai :bulletred:Dorian Harewood
:pointr: Evil Sultan :bulletyellow:
:pointr: Tyrannosaurus Rex :bulletred:
:pointr: Xerxes :bulletred:Frank Welker

:bulletblue:Alice in Wonderland AF - 1951
:bulletred:Alice in Wonderland LF - 2010

:pointr: Bandersnatch :bulletred:
:pointr: Card Soldiers :bulletblue:Don Barclay :bulletred:
:pointr: Hamish Ascot :bulletred:Leo Bill
:pointr: Ilosovic Stayne/The Knave of Hearts :bulletred:Crispin Glover
:pointr: Jabberwocky :bulletred:Christopher Lee
:pointr: King of Hearts :bulletblue:Dink Trout
:pointr: Queen of Hearts/Iracebeth of Crims/The Red Queen :bulletblue:Verna Felton :bulletred:Helena Bonham Carter
:pointr: Walrus :bulletblue:J. Pat O'Malley

:bulletblue:American Dragon: Jake Long AT - 2005

:pointr: Eli Pandarus :bulletblue:
:pointr: The Dark Dragon :bulletblue:
:pointr: Huntsman :bulletblue:
:pointr: Bananas B :bulletblue:
:pointr: Counselor Chang :bulletblue:
:pointr: Fury :bulletblue:
:pointr: Euryale :bulletblue:
:pointr: Medusa :bulletblue:
:pointr: Maximidus :bulletblue:
:pointr: Tiburon [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Kelpie [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] #88 [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] #89 [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Hans Rotwood [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Brad Morton [Bullet; Blue]

[Bullet; Blue]The AristocatsAF - 1970

[Point Right] Edgar [Bullet; Blue]Roddy Maude-Roxby

[Bullet; Blue]Around the World in 80 DaysLF - 2004

[Point Right] General Fang [Bullet; Blue]Karen Mok
[Point Right] Lord Kelvin [Bullet; Blue]Jim Broadbent

[Bullet; Blue]Atlantis: The Lost EmpireAF - 2001
[Bullet; Red]Atlantis: Milo's ReturnAF - 2003

[Point Right] Ashton Carnaby [Bullet; Red]Thomas F. Wilson
[Point Right] Edgar Volgud [Bullet; Red]Clancy Brown
[Point Right] Erik Hellstrom [Bullet; Red]William Morgan Sheppard
[Point Right] Lt. Helga Katrina Sinclair [Bullet; Blue]Claudia Christian
[Point Right] Cdr. Lyle Tiberius Rouke [Bullet; Blue]James Garner


[Bullet; Blue]BambiAF - 1942
[Bullet; Red]Bambi IIAF - 2006

[Point Right] Bloodhounds [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Hunter [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Ronno [Bullet; Red]Anthony Ghannam

[Bullet; Blue]Beauty and the Beast<supAF</sup> - 1991
[Bullet; Red]Beauty and the Beast: An Enchanted ChristmasAF - 1997
[Bullet; Green]Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical WorldAF - 1998

[Point Right] Monsieur D'Arque :bulletblueTony Jay
[Point Right] Fife [Bullet; Red]Paul Reubens
[Point Right] Forte [Bullet; Red]Tim Curry
[Point Right] Gaston [Bullet; Blue]Richard White
[Point Right] LeFou [Bullet; Blue]Jesse Corti

[Bullet; Blue]Bedknobs and BroomsticksCF - 1971

[Point Right] Bookman [Bullet; Blue]Sam Jaffe
[Point Right] German Sergeants [Bullet; Blue]Rick Traeger, Manfred Lating
[Point Right] Col. Heller [Bullet; Blue]John Ericson
[Point Right] Swinburne [Bullet; Blue]Bruce Forsyth

[Bullet; Blue]The Black CauldronAF - 1985

[Point Right] Creeper [Bullet; Blue]Phil Fondacaro
[Point Right] Horned King [Bullet; Blue]John Hurt

[Bullet; Blue]Brother BearAF - 2003
[Bullet; Red]Brother Bear 2AF - 2006

[Bullet; Blue]A Bug's LifeAF - 1998

[Point Right] Hopper [Bullet; Blue]Kevin Spacey
[Point Right] Molt [Bullet; Blue]Richard Kind
[Point Right] Thumper [Bullet; Blue]Frank Welker


[Bullet; Blue] CarsAF - 2006
[Bullet; Red] Cars 2AF - 2011

[Point Right] Boost [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Chick Hicks [Bullet; Blue]Michael Keaton
[Point Right] Snot Rod [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Wingo [Bullet; Blue]

[Bullet; Blue]Chicken Little - 2005

[Point Right] Foxy Loxy [Bullet; Blue]Amy Sedaris
[Point Right] Goosey Loosey [Bullet; Blue]Mark Walton

[Bullet; Blue]A Christmas CarolAF - 2009

[Bullet; Blue]The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeLF - 2005
[Bullet; Red] The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianLF - 2008
[Bullet; Green] The Chronicles of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderLF - 2010
[Bullet; Purple] The Chronicles of Narnia - The Silver ChairLF - 2012

[Point Right] Ginarrbrik :buletblue:Kiran Shah
[Point Right] Jadia/ White Witch [Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Green]Tilda Swinton
[Point Right]

[Bullet; Blue]CinderellaAF - 1950
[Bullet; Red]Cinderella II: Dreams Come TrueAF - 2002
[Bullet; Green]Cinderella III: A Twist in TimeAF - 2007

[Point Right] Anastasia Tremaine [Bullet; Blue]Lucille Bliss [Bullet; Red][Bullet; Green]Tress MacNeille, Lesli Margherita (singing)
[Point Right] Drizella Tremaine [Bullet; Blue]Rhoda Williams [Bullet; Red][Bullet; Green]Russi Taylor
[Point Right] Lucifer  [Bullet; Blue]June Foray [Bullet; Red][Bullet; Green]Frank Welker
[Point Right] Pom-Pom [Bullet; Red]Frank Welker
[Point Right] Lady Tremaine [Bullet; Blue]Eleanor Audley [Bullet; Red][Bullet; Green]Susan Blakeslee


[Bullet; Blue]Darkwing DuckAT - 1991

[Point Right] Megavolt [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Quackerjack [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Steelbeak  [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] High Command [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Eggmen [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Ample Grime [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Ammonia Pine [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Negaduck [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] The Liquidator [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Bushroot [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Quackerjack [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Tank Muddlefoot [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Hammerhead Hannigan [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Taurus Bulba [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Hoof [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Mouth [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Spike [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Major Synapse [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Professor Moliarty [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Tuskerninni  [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Splatter Phoenix [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Paddywhack [Bullet; Blue]

[Bullet; Blue] DinosaurAF - 2000

[Point Right] Carnotarus [Bullet; Blue]
[Point Right] Kron the Iguanadon [Bullet; Blue]Samuel E. Wright
[Point Right] Velociraptors [Bullet; Blue]

[Bullet; Blue]DuckTales - 1987
[Bullet; Red]DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp - 1990

[Point Right] Dijon
[Point Right] Merlock

[Bullet; Blue]Dumbo - 1941

[Point Right] Ringmaster [Bullet; Blue]Herman Bing
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You're missing Doofenshmirtz and Mad Doctor.
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